Within the last weeks, three interesting studentical theses have been successfully defended that emerged from the CoolSoftware project and are interesting for the QualiTune project as well.

During his Diploma Thesis, Peter Süttner investigated approaches to predict the hardware resource utilization of software components and developed a framework that allows to profile software components w.r.t. hardware utilization.

Georg Püschel’s Diploma Thesis focuses on the energy efficiency of workflow system. His Diploma Thesis contains a proof-of-concept implementation of the Energy Auto Tuning (EAT) approach that will be revised and extended within QualiTune.

Christian Mießler analysed and classified related work w.r.t. energy efficient software systems during his Großer Beleg.

All theses of the CoolSoftware project are enlisted at http://www.cool-software.org/publications.

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