Official Opening of the ResUbic research lab

On 4. Mai 2011, in Allgemein, by Jan Reimann

On friday, 13th of May, finally the ResUbic lab will be opened. This event will convert the bad date into a lucky day. It takes place at the 6th OUTPUT exposition. The ResUbic research lab is presented in room E005. Besides interesting talks of all participated groups, three little demonstrations will be shown. Furthermore one cute NAO robot is presented. We invite everybody to come by and take part in the OUTPUT.

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At the 13th of May 2011 the 5th Innovationforum „Software Saxony“ takes place at the department of computer science of Technische Universät Dresden. The forum is a joint event of „Arbeitskreis Software“ (Software Working Group) of Silicon Saxony e.V. and OPEN4innovation.

We would like to highlight track 1 of the forum: „cyber-physical systems“. Attached is the call for contribution.

Call for Contributions to Innoforum 2011

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