Latest QualiTune Results in two Videos

On 21. Juli 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

Two new videos are now available that present the latest results from the QualiTune research project. The first video summarizes the work of Claas Wilke who is focusing on comparing the power of mobile applications:

The second video demonstrates how a NAO can be directly controlled via Microsoft’s Kinect:

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Chuck predicts win against Italy

On 27. Juni 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

To demonstrate the combination of robot software engineering and the aggregation of cloud services into on demonstrator, we created the Mighty Chuck, a new football oracle predicting football matches based on web-services providing statistics on probabilities on the involved teams. We tested the service for tormorrow’s match of Germany vs. Italy:

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QualiTune visits Complang Group @ TU Wien

On 5. April 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

From April, 10th to April, 11th, the QualiTune group visits the Complang Group at the TU Wien, Austria. Target of the visit is to present current work of both groups and to identify research fields for collaborations in research and robot applications.

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QualiTune @ CPS Workshop of Silicon Saxony

On 19. März 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

From March, 29th to March, 30th 2012 the Silicon Saxony Cluster organizes a Workshop onf Cyber-Physical Systems and Energy-efficient Applications. The QualiTune project will be present with two presentations and one talk at the workshop.

  • On Thursday, March, 29th, Prof. Uwe Aßmann will introduce into the workshop with a talk focusing on Life-by-Wire.
  • Following, on Thursday, March, 29th, Ronny Kaiser shows how NAO robots can be controlled using Microsoft’s Kinect controller during his talk Gestenbasierte Benutzerschnittstellen für Cyber-physikalische Systeme.
  • On Friday, March, 30th, Claas Wilke will talk on energy-efficiency as a challenge for Cyber-Physical Systems during his talk Energie-Tests Cyber-physikalischer Systeme.

More information on the workshop can be found at

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Komplexpraktikum im Sommersemester 2012

On 12. März 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

During the summer term 2012 the QualiTune project organizes a practical course (a.k.a. Komplexpraktikum) that focuses on energy consumption issues of mobile devices and their applications. During the course students will be responsible to design multiple benchmarks for Android applications and will profile their influence of mobile device’s power consumption.

Following, the course description (unfortunately only in German) more information at

Durch die vielseitigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten moderner Smart Phones und Tablets ist deren Energieverbrauch zu einem zentralen Problem für die Softwaretechnik geworden. Je häufiger wir mobile Geräte in unserem Alltagsleben benutzen, desto schneller entladen sich auch deren Batterien und desto stärker verkürzt sich ihre Betriebsdauer. Im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts QualiTune wurde deshalb ein Verfahren entwickelt, dass es erlaubt, den Energieverbrauch einzelner Applikationen zu erfassen und mit anderen Applikationen die ähnliche Dienste bereitstellen zu vergleichen.

Im Rahmen dieses Komplexpraktikums soll das entwickelte Verfahren angewandt werden, um verschiedene Android-Applikationen bezüglich ihres Energiebedarfst zu untersuchen und zu vergleichen (beispielsweise verschiedene Email-Clients, Web-Browser und News-Feed-Reader). Die Studenten bearbeiten jeweils einen Anwendungstyp, für welchen sie im Laufe des Praktikums einen Micro-Benchmark aus typischen Anwendungsszenarien entwickeln, der es erlaubt den Energieverbrauch von Anwendungen dieser Gruppe zu vergleichen.

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We announce a new topic for a student’s thesis. The topic is about developing an approach for generic specification of so called Model Smells which indicate Model Refactorings. Model Smells reveal structures in models which should be refactored because of bad design. A detailed description (german) of the topic can be found under

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QualiTune @ Linux Days in Chemnitz

On 25. Januar 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

At March 17th and 18th 2012, the Linux Days 2012 (Linux-Tage) will take place in Chemnitz, Saxonia. Within the workshop section the QualiTune team will present the NaoService as an approach to expose the Nao’s API as a Web service. This allows for easy integration within to distributed application scenarios or other software applications communicating with or controlling Naos.

The presentation will be held in room V2 (Hörsaal- und Seminar-Gebäude der Technischen Universität Chemnitz, Reichenhainer Straße 90) on Saturday, 17th March at 5:00 PM. More information regarding the presentation and a German abstract can be found at

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QualiTune @ Java User Group

On 17. Januar 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

On Thursday, January 19th, the Java User Group (JUG) Saxony will have an event at the Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Informatics. Whereas the main topic is about Android and the Open ADK, first, a short presentation will be held by Claas Wilke from the QualiTune team. He will present our Nao robots and will demonstrate, how their API can be exposed as web services and use to remotely controll Naos via applications, e.g., for Android devices.

The presentation starts at 7 PM, the exact location is INF/E023. More information regarding the event and the JUG Saxony can be found at

The slides of the talk are now online at

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QualiTune/HAEC @ Dagstuhl

On 30. November 2011, in Allgemein, by sgoetz

We are happy to be invited to the Dagstuhl seminar 11481 on Models @ runtime from 27th of November till 2nd of December 2011, where we will present our MQuAT (Multi-Quality Auto-Tuning) approach. Our newest results include a new decider using models at runtime, which is less complex than our current ILP solution: namely, a pseudo-boolean optimization decider. In addition, we present first evaluation results of the deciders.


QualiTune @ Eclipse Demo Camp

On 4. November 2011, in Allgemein, by cwilke

At Tuesday, November 2011 another Eclipse Demo Camp will take place at the Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Computer Science, Room INF/E023. One of the presentations will be held by Claas Wilke who will demonstrate a first prototype of our textual programming language for Nao humanoid robots, called NaoText. Besides NaoText we will demonstrate how such a language can be extended by analysers for energy consumption and real-time behavior analysis.

Further infos regarding the Eclipse Demo Camp can be found at

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