Research Topics

The Qualitune project focuses on non-functional properties of software applications (e.g., energy consumption) and their consideration during software development. However, the Qualitune project can be separated into several subprojects focusing on different software development stages and therefore, different development process steps:

  • The Detection and Refactoring of Quality Smells: automated, graph-based search can be applied to detect pre-defined anti-patterns (smells) within application code. Our tool Refactory allows the definition and detection of implementation flaws, negatively affecting quality aspects (e.g., energy consumption) of the software being developed. Afterwards, automated refactorings can be applied to improve the application code.
  • Energy profiling and labeling of mobile applications: Our JouleUnit energy testing framework allows the energy profiling of software applications in a unit-test driven way. For example, based on a set of unit test representing typicall application use cases, Android applications can be profiled and compared w.r.t. their energy consumption. Additionally, JouleUnit can be applied to monitor and ensure the energy-awareness of software applications during their development and maintenance.
  • Smart Application Grids (SMAGs): we propose a role-based component architecture for context-aware dynamically-adaptive software systems.
  • Research on NAO Robots: we propose a web service for remote NAO control and a textual DSL for NAO programming.

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