Nao Robots

The Nao robot Tiffany in our lab.The QualiTune research group is experimenting using humanoid robots from the French company Aldebaran. Currently, our research group is assisted by two Nao robots called Chuck and Tiffany. In the context of the projects several tools emerged that use Nao robots as part of demonstrators or focus on easier programming or controlling of Nao robots.

Screenshot of NaoService Web UI.NaoService

Within the project one of our students, Max Leuthäuser, developed a RESTful WebService exposing Nao’s API (naoqi), so every programming language can be used to develop the Nao. The code is available open source on Google Code: NaoService.


NaoText is a role-based domain-specific language designed for the programming of collaborative robot applications. NaoText allows the explicit expression of collaborations between individual robots by using the concepts of contexts, roles, role constraints, and activation blocks. Further details on NaoText are available on this page.

NScreenshot of the Android app NaoDroid.aoDroid

NaoDroid is an Android application that bases on the NaoService to remotely control Nao robots via smart phones or tablet PCs. Unfortunately, an official version of NaoDroid is not public available, yet.


NaoControl focuses on controlling Naos via colored Petri nets. This allows for easier component based programming, as sub Petri nets can be easily reused and plugged together as well as validation and verification checks based on these more abstract program models (e.g., liveliness checks). Further information on NaoControl can be found on this sub page.

A first version of NaoControl can be seen within the following YouTube clip:

Further Videos

Further videos showing our Nao and other project-related content can be found via this YouTube channel.

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