Every sixth Android App has Energy Bugs

On 12. August 2013, in Allgemein, by cwilke

18% of all Android applications contain energy bugs. This is the central result of a study conducted at the Technische Universität Dresden, being presented at the international GreenCom 2013 conference on August, 21st. Besides from energy bugs in applications developed by small and unknown software developers, energy bugs can be found for mailing and social media applications of well-known software developers such as Microsoft (Outlook) and Google (Google+).

German Version / Deutsche Version

Within the study, more than 9 million user comments extracted from the Google Play store have been extracted and analyzed w.r.t. hints indicating negative energy behavior of the respective applications.

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QualiTune@Eclipse Testing Day 2013

On 6. August 2013, in Allgemein, by cwilke

The QualiTune team is happy to announce a presentation of QualiTune research results at the Eclipse Testing Day 2013, focusing on mobile testing on September, 25th in Darmstadt.

During the talk Energy testing and optimization of mobile applications, Claas Wilke will present the emerging JouleUnit energy testing infrastructure for mobile applications and its integration into the Eclipse IDE.

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QualiTune@GreenCom 2013

On 6. August 2013, in Allgemein, by cwilke

The QualiTune team is happy to announce the presentation of QualiTune research results, at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications (GreenCom 2013), held in Beijing, China during August 20-23, 2013.

On the conference, Claas Wilke present the study Energy Consumption and Efficiency in Mobile Applications: A User Feedback Study, evaluating the distribution of energy-efficiency problems in Android applications and their impact on the user satisfaction of mobile application users.

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Software development processes always consists of the iteration implementation and but often the iteration optimization. In the implementation phase the focus rely on the functional requirements whereas in the optimization phase the developer concentrates on the non-functional requirements — also considered as qualities. Therein, the objective is that satisfaction of particular quality requirements in a running system is to be optimized while the functional system behaviour is preserved.  Nowadays the quality energy efficiency is more important than ever because mobile devices get more and more powerful but their accumulators do not. The aim of this student thesis is to conduct a study amongst Android software developers to investigate recurring patterns in program code indicating bad energy consumption on the running mobile application. In addition refactorings shall be defined to resolve those patterns with regard to better energy efficiency while the functional behaviour is preserved. A detailed description of this topic can be found here (german).

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Open Position as Student Assistant

On 12. Februar 2013, in Allgemein, by cwilke

The junior research group Qualitune is searching up to three students for the shot and post production of an image video documenting research results from the ResUbic research cluster. Click here to read more (task description in German).

Die Nachwuschforschergruppe Qualitune sucht derzeit bis zu drei Studenten für die Aufnahme und Postproduktion eines Image-Films zu Forschungsergebnissen des ResUbic Forschungs-Clusters im Rahmen einer SHK-Tätigkeit. Mehr lesen.


QualiTune @ Eclipse Demo Camp Dresden

On 14. November 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

On Tuesday, November 20th, Claas Wilke will present recent results from the QualiTune research group at the Eclipse Demo Camp in Dresden. The demo camp takes place at the TU Dresden, Fakultät Information and starts at 7:00 PM in room INF/E023.

Claas Wilke  will talk on qMark, our new energy profiling infrastructure for Android applications. As the Eclipse Demo Camp is mainly designed for demonstrations, the talk will focus on a demonstration of the Eclipse-integrated profiling tools of qMark.

Further information on the Eclipse Demo Camp and the program can be found at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_November_2012/Dresden.

The slides of the talk are now online available via this link.

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QualiTune @ Informatik2012

On 19. September 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

Today, QualiTune participates at the „Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik (Informatik2012)“. At the „Workshop zur Entwicklung energiebewusster Software / First Workshop for the Development of Energy-aware Software (EEbS 2012)„, Claas Wilke will present his current work „Energy Labels for Mobile Applications“.

The slides of the presentation can be obtained via this link.


Free Jobs @ QualiTune

On 5. September 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

The QualiTune project currently offerst two free jobs for student assistants (Studentische Hilfskräfte, SHK), including a job in the field of robotics working with TurtleBot robots and Microsoft Kinect.

Further information on the jobs can be found via this link.


QualiTune Paper wins Best Paper Award

On 4. September 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

A paper by Christian Piechinick, Sebastian Richly, Sebastian Götz, Claas Wilke, and Uwe Aßmann on Using Role-Based Composition to Support Unanticipated, Dynamic Adaptation – Smart Application Grids won a best paper award on this years International Conference on Adaptive and Self-adaptive Systems and Applications (Adaptive2012).


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Federal Minister Schavan @ QualiTune

On 23. August 2012, in Allgemein, by cwilke

Yesterday, Federal Minister Anette Schavan visited the Technische Universität Dresden to announce the new research funding program Zwanzig20. During their visit, Minister Schavan, as well as Minister-President Tillich (Saxony) and Minister-President Haseloff (Saxony-Anhalt) took a look at lastest research results from projects at the TU Dresden, including QualiTune:

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